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Specialized Division

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Long or small, big or tall our specialized division can handle any job. LVT offers anything from pickups, hotshots, rgn, and lowboys all the way up to heavy haul.  Our crew has extensive experience in handling time sensitive and freight sensitive loads and being able to count on a highly experienced trucking company makes a big difference when it comes to your profit margin.

Shipping heavy equipment and oversized loads like construction equipment and vehicles, multi passenger transportation vehicles, large construction materials, oversize pipes, military vehicles, large liquid storage tanks, oversize containers, and other large specialized types of freight present logistic challenges. These types of items cannot be shipped by traditional shipping methods. Shipment requires specialized trucks and proper planning to deliver your cargo to its specified destination on time and safely. Our heavy haul transport team utilizes flatbed trucks and well trained drivers for heavy and oversized loads that cannot be accommodated by conventional trucks. You can count on LVT staff and drivers to schedule and transport your cargo efficiently, professionally and on time even through dense traffic and highly congested areas.

Call or email Jeff Dicken today to learn more about how LVT's specialized services can help your company's shipping needs. We look forward to hearing from you.